Only You by Francis Ray
A Grayson Novel, Book 5
St. Martin’s Press
African American Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0312948740
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Sierra Grayson is determined NOT to allow her mother to marry her off as she has done with Sierra’s four older brothers.  Sierra enjoys living her single, independent lifestyle and she is not about to give it up to appease her mother.  However, it seems that fate had other things in store for Sierra.  Because of her stubbornness to remain happily unattached and to defeat all of her mother’s matchmaking attempts, Sierra runs straight into the arms of Blade Navarone.  Will Sierra give up her hard-earned sovereignty in order to take a chance on Blade, a man with a ruthless, harsh reputation?

I loved reading Only You!  From the very first word until the last page was turned, I was totally enchanted by this sensational story.  Only You has everything a reader wants and so much more.  This book is jammed packed with thrilling suspense and passionate romance.  Both Sierra and Blade are strong and courageous characters who are not afraid to voice their opinions and to stand by what they believed in.  The fervent emotions described with this couple were what made this story such a sensational read.  Without a doubt, Francis Ray is a remarkable storyteller and I know that I am in for a wonderful, delightful treat whenever I pick up one of her fantastic books.  This is one book not to be missed!

Only You is the fifth book in A Grayson Novel series and it can be read independently.


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