One Night With You by Shiloh Walker
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-419910-79-1
Reviewed by Tera




One night, four years ago, changed Bo and Logan’s lives. After wanting each other for so long, without each other knowing it, a night of passion changes everything. While Logan thinks the gap of the unknown has finally been bridged and that he and Bo can be together now, Bo thinks differently. Not knowing how, or if, to deal with her feelings, she runs. And she runs far away. She’s become a successful photographer after college, but now she’s back home and still avoiding Logan. Logan has always regretted not going after her, but now that she’s back and engaged to Logan’s good friend and cousin, he decides it’s finally time to do something about it.

One Night With You was a phenomenal story! I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, put this one down. This is definitely a recommended read. The sex was HOT and the tension between Bo and Logan was steamy and wonderful as well. I was immediately drawn to both characters and was really pulling for both of them. Logan’s character was sexy and manly and oh so yummy. And he takes charge! Which is even better than the former. Bo is one lucky gal! I found myself saying aloud “Just do it! Say it!” A story that can make me say something aloud is one worth reading.


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