Mr. Fullservice by Ruby Storm
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419909610
Reviewed by Amelia




Maisy Collins is celebrating her forty-sixth birthday. The divorced mother of twins has no plans for the big event, since her kids have left for college. When plumbing problems arise, she calls Fullservice Fixit to come and take care of the problem.

Thirty-one-year-old Dean Martini co-owns Fullservice Fixit with his father. Heís intrigued by Maisy, and knows that sheís checking him out, which he finds flattering. Dean also works for a friendís escort service, and heís delighted to find Maisyís name as his date for that Friday evening.

Maisyís friends chipped in and got her a date for dinner at a fancy restaurant and dancing afterwards. When Dean shows up, Maisy is flabbergasted. They have a great time, and Dean wants to continue seeing her. But there is the little problem of a 15-year-age difference. Maisy has to come to terms with her feelings, and with the fact that her daughter doesnít take kindly to her motherís new friend.

Will they be able to brave the waters, or will a permanent relationship be one thing that Dean canít fix.

I loved this book, and the way Ms. Storm drew the characters and their interaction. Maisy is still reeling from the effects of a divorce several years ago. It was great to watch Dean coax her out of her shell and make her realize that they loved one another. I had more than a twinge of jealousy when the delicious Dean was with Maisy, helping her to gain confidence and learn to live again.

At the end, I wanted to slap Maisyís daughter. But her realistic and emotional reactions to her motherís relationship added great tension to the book..

I love Ruby Stormís writing. Her characters are so vivid and fun that you canít help but enjoy every word of her books. Mr. Fullservice is definitely a Joyfully Recommended Read for me.


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