Miss May by Madison Hayes
Calendar Girls
Elloraís Cave
Rubenesque / Contemporary
ISBN: 9781419911361
Reviewed by Jo




Cord Hardin is an ex-bull rider trying to figure out how to spend the rest of his life.  He has been chasing the same classy (in his thoughts) woman since high school.  She has finally told him that he has one week to become a gentleman and show up at her house for a party.  Cord knows that he is a bit rough in his language choices and has decided that in order to come even close he needs to hire an English tutor. 

Cindy Patterson teaches English during the school year and to supplement her income, she accepts tutoring jobs throughout the year.  Cindy is a larger well-packed woman who is very comfortable with herself.  When Cindy first calls Cord, he is obviously drunk, but she immediately starts to do minor corrections with his speech.  Cindy agrees to meet with him and take on the tutoring job.

When Cord and Cindy meet, neither is expecting what they find.  Cindy expects an older man, maybe down on his luck with a hick country living style.  She is not expecting the hunky, well-built man that instantly has her motor revving.  Cord is expecting Cindy to be a matronly schoolmarm person.  He is not expecting a young, curvy and well-packed woman with a wicked sense of humor.  As their week begins, there is no denying the lust between them nor do they really try.  Cindy is helping Cord become the type of man that his dream woman wants, however by the end of the week will she be able to leave Cord without losing her heart?  Cord works at his English tutoring while going through the everyday things of his life.  He finds that thoughts of Cindy are coming to him instead of his dream woman, and that Cindy fits into his life easily.  Now their week is over and although both have experienced a bit of heartache, what will Cord chose to do?

I opened up Miss May thinking I knew what to expect, as I love the Calendar Girls series.  What I discovered is that in some ways, I was right and in others, I was totally surprised.  The characters Cord and Cindy are so real and true to life that I would not have been surprised to find them in my local grocery store.  They are not glamorous, but sexy and real in their own ways.  Cord is trying to change himself for the type of woman he believes he wants.  Cindy has agreed to help Cord accomplish this, but she knows that he is all that she has ever wanted.  As I read along, I laughed at times, needed to grab some cold water at times and thought they just might break my heart towards the end.  I was so happy when Cord realized that having a dream girl is okay, but having your perfect partner everyday is what dreams are all about.  Cord and Cindy are a couple that I fell for right away and I just canít wait to reread their story again.  There is nothing that I cannot recommend about Miss May, it has flame and spice, real characters, a wonderful plot and gives the need to reread immediately.  Miss May is not only recommended, it is Joyfully Recommended. 


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