Magic & Mayhem by Sylvia Day & Cathryn Fox
Paranormal Contemporary Anthology
Reviewed by Sabella




Magic by Cathryn Fox

Brianna James just did something she shouldn’t have done, writing up a spell for personal benefit, and on the worst possible day.  It’s Halloween, it’s a full moon and it’s her birthday; normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but when you are a witch it’s almost guaranteed to get you in trouble. Now, her cat has disappeared, a hot guy she doesn’t know is turning her on and the spell itself – disappeared.  This is all a recipe for disaster but she might get to spend the night with the lover of her dreams, so…consequences shall be damned.


Mayhem by Sylvia Day

Abigail Garvey is getting ready for her traditional Halloween costume party.  When she picks up her costume, she also picks up a poem asking for the lover of her dreams; little does she know that it’s actually a spell that will deliver.  Now, Abigail is shocked when the man she has been lusting after for the last five months suddenly finds her irresistible.  But how will she deal with the inevitable morning after, after indulging in her wildest fantasies?

The only word for this book is WOW!  The title is right - Magic and Mayhem is completely spellbinding from start to finish.  The book alternates chapters between storylines and weaves the characters together in a way that will have you glued to the pages of this book.  Both Brianna and Abigail are paired with fantastic men that not only are hunks, but also are the exact match for them.  Taken all together this anthology is a scorcher and will burn you in the best possible way!


Go and buy yourself Magic & Mayhem right now, but be warned you will stay up past your bedtime finishing this book.


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