Love’s DoMINion by Leigh Ellwood
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 1-59578-288-5
Reviewed by Indy




Connie Raymond’s happily ever after has gone up in flames after she finds her husband’s head between the bought and paid for breasts of his secretary. In the process of finalizing their divorce, Connie is living with her co-worker and friend Darla until she’s able to figure out what to do with her life and how to move on. Becoming addicted to the virtual reality games called DoMINion was not on Connie’s list of to dos in her life. Especially when she figures out her manipulation of her video MINS are making people in her life puppets to her whims of the evening. From on the floor sex to a BDSM chamber Connie’s video game reality has crossed over so that she’s not sure what is real anymore and if her emotions for her cheating husband are true or just the twisted desires of loneliness.

Talk about a story that I’m sure will have tongues wagging and hanging at the same time. Love’s DoMINion has to be one of the craftiest and wildest stories to come around in ages. I’ve yet to become one of the fanatics of virtual gaming but if video games have become X-rated then evidently I need to take a second look. Leigh Ellwood’s story of a woman still obsessed with her cheating husband was fun to read but also sad to experience. The cheating, the coveting of a friend’s happiness and just the emotional turmoil that comes with the disbanding of a marriage was highlighted perfectly. On top of that whirlwind was the sexual scenarios Connie came up with, whether it was for her personal pleasure or to manipulate the pleasures of others. Great story and one I recommend for those who enjoy their lust a little on the odd side.


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