Lessons in Seduction by Melissa Schroeder
Accidental, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
Historical Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-610-8
Reviewer: Melissa




At age of twenty-six, Lady Cicely Ware is considered to be quite on the shelf.  She’s quite determined however, not to let spinsterhood keep her from knowing what it feels like to experience passion and she quickly comes up with a list of rakes that she believes will be able to teach her.  She’s always been halfway in love with Douglas, the Duke of Ethingham, so during a waltz she propositions him.  Douglas is stunned when Cicely asks him to seduce her and quickly refuses.  Although Cicely is disappointed she resolves to move on to the next gentleman on her list.  However, very much against his will, Douglas discovers that he can’t allow Cicely to be in anyone’s arms but his.  As they begin a sensuous journey, Douglas is stunned to find that every moment in Cicely’s company makes him only want her more.  As they finally begin to realize that they are falling deeply in love, Cicely’s life is threatened and Douglas will do whatever is necessary to protect her.  As the attacks continue can he find the person responsible before it’s too late?

Without a doubt Melissa Schroeder gets better with each and every book!  I love historical romance and admit to being a bit of a historical romance snob, so it takes a lot for me to truly become absorbed in a book in this genre.  Melissa Schroeder’s Accidental series has certainly hooked me and Lessons in Seduction is a scrumptious feast that all readers of romance will want to devour!


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