Into the Dark by Cindy Gerard
The Bodyguards, Book 6
St. Martinís Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 031298118X; 978-0312981181
Reviewed by Cheryl




When Dallas Garrett and his brothers embarked on a rescue mission to the Philippines, they never expected to liberate another prisoner.  Tortured and violated, Amy Walker's strength and spirit touches something deep within Dallas.  Both battle scarred, they share an unspoken bond.  While Dallas wants to protect Amy, he can't promise her anything more.  Amy has more pressing matters anyway.  Even though she has her suspicions, she needs to learn for certain who masterminded her abduction...before they try again.

Once back in the States, Amy quietly vanishes out of Dallas' life.  Now six months later, Amy is closer to finding her answers, but the closer she gets to the truth, the more dangerous her quest becomes.  Running out of options, she turns to the only person she trusts, Dallas.  In the months since Amy's disappearance, Dallas has not forgotten her.  When she crashes back into his life, the urge to protect her is just as strong, yet Amy isn't the same woman he saved.  The flare of attraction the two first felt is now a blaze that neither can control.  Thrust into a conspiracy bigger than either imagined, can Amy and Dallas find a safe way out of their troubles?  Can either deny the love and passion they both feel?

Ever since reading To the Brink and getting my first peek at Dallas and Amy, I have been dying to read their story.  With Into the Dark, Cindy Gerard delivers a heart-pounding, sensuous thriller that's totally worth the wait!  Amy has evolved since I first met her.  She is a strong, capable woman who's ready for anything.  Tortured by his past, Dallas isn't sure he has anything to offer Amy, but he proves time and time again what a good and worthy man he is.  The simmering sensuality that builds between the pair boils over in the most captivating way.  I'll admit that at first, I had a hard time buying the secret cabal plotting world domination, but then Dallas wasn't believing it at the start either.  Quickly however, I was swept up in the adventure, and Ms. Gerard made the story work.  I also loved the secondary characters that teamed up with Dallas and Amy.  Although this is the last Bodyguards book, I hope those two get their own series.

Reading like a big-budget Hollywood action-adventure, Into the Dark offers all the thrills and chills any romance lover could want!  While I highly recommend Into the Dark, I would suggest folks also read the third Bodyguards book, To the Brink first.  To the Brink provides a good bit of back-story and makes Into the Dark that much better.


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