Heart of the Winter Wolf by Dani Harper
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 1-58608
Reviewed by Tanya




Jillian has worked hard over the years to overcome the tragedy of her past.  The one thing that seemed to always help calm her was her dreams of the white wolf that helped save her from death.  It also seems that whenever something is going to change in her life the wolf will appear in her dreams.  This is why she isnít completely surprised by the job offer in Alberta.  Suddenly she is not sure if she is going crazy or not, she is actually seeing the white wolf in Alberta, and not just in her dreams.

After tragedy strikes James he lets his wolf form of his changeling being take over.  For him it feels like a few years but, in reality it was more than 30 years.  He is stunned to figure this out, but he is more stunned with why he is suddenly in human form and fighting his wolf.  It is Jillian, and he doesnít know why his wolf knows her or what to do about it.  He does know that he canít care for her as it will most likely only get her killed.

Will Jillian and James put together how they know each other?  Will they give into their love? 

What an absolutely fantastic read.  I loved Heart of the Winter Wolf.  The author used the correct mixture of humor (Birkie educating Jillian about the town), paranormal (wolf changelings), strength (Jillianís past and how she overcame it) and love (the feeling between the McCleod clan and James with Jillian).  This story drew me in and made me want to travel back to the parts of Alberta I have been before, just to see what I may have missed.  I cannot recommend Heart of the Winter Wolf enough!  I hope to read more by this author in the future.


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