Elijah by Jacquelyn Frank
The Nightwalkers, Book 3
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-8217-8067-1
Reviewed by Nannette




Elijah is a Wind Demon and Captain of the Demon warriors.  Demons and Lycanthropes have been at war for centuries. It is only recently that they have joined forces to defend their race from necromancers, human magic users and a few Nightwalkers intent on betraying their own.

When Elijah is attacked, Siena, the queen of the Lycanthropes, saves his life, but Elijah doesn’t trust Lycanthropes so he struggles against showing any gratitude toward her.  While he may not trust her, Elijah is as overwhelmingly attracted to Siena as she is to him, but their searing passion cannot keep them together. 

Siena cannot mate with the warrior her people call “The Demon Butcher”.  In turn, it is against the laws of Demonkind for a Demon to mate outside of their species.  The obstacles in their way are immense and seemingly unmovable, but can a desire this strong be denied?

Elijah is a book in a league all its own. The sensuality, drama, excitement and amazing characterization, make it a unique and riveting story.  Making love is more than sex, it’s an experience awesome in its intensity.  Each time I read a Nightwalker novel I become eagerly swept away into their fascinating world.  Elijah is fantastic, and Jacquelyn Frank is one hell of a storyteller.


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