Destined by Sydney Somers
From Today Until Forever, Book 1
New Concepts Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
Reviewed by Gracie




Lanie Sullivan has been having the most amazing dreams about an incredibly sexy man for the past five years.  Lanie’s dreams are getting more intense and sensual and are coming more frequently. Should she be concerned that she actually looks forward to going to bed?  She feels like she knows her dream man, but she has never met him before.

William Matheson has avoided Lake Falls for centuries…ever since Elizabeth, the one woman he could have loved for eternity, was hung as a witch and he could not save her.  Will cannot believe when one of his best friend’s, Gabriel, asks him to go to Lake Falls a pick up a book he ordered for their other friend, Julia.  Will thinks maybe it is time for him to face his past.

Will is assaulted with memories of Elizabeth as he nears the bookstore in Lake Falls…very intimate memories.  Lanie cannot believe when she looks up from another sexy daydream to literally see the man from her dreams standing there.  Even stranger is that he seems to recognize her.  Will is shocked to see a woman who bears a strong resemblance to his Elizabeth especially after he just had that flash of memory.  Neither, Lanie or Will can get the other out of their minds or the strong attraction that they felt for each other on first meeting.  Eventually, Will heads back to Lake Falls to see what is really going on with Lanie.  On their second meeting, things quickly spin out of control and their lives become irrevocably intertwined. 

 He realizes that he is going to have a lot to explain when they get there.  Life for Will and Lanie will never be the same as they deal with the realization that there is more between them than they ever imagined.  Can Lanie and Will find a balance to everything around them and find the true forever kind of love?

Oh my goodness! Destined has me one hundred percent hooked and I want more!!  Lanie is a nice girl who works in a bookstore, is very loyal to her few friends, and has the most amazing dreams.  Will is distanced from life and has spent centuries just getting by until he walks into that bookstore and everything changes.  Sydney Somers’ characters are so endearing and she has left me salivating for more.  Destined is a wonderful story and has a little bit of everything…amazing characters that you more of, humor, a mystery, and great love scenes.  Destined and Sydney Somers have me hooked and I need more!!  Hurry Sydney!


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