When Valentines Collide by Adrianne Byrd
Kimani Press
African American, Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0373860050
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



How could two professional relationship therapists who counsel people on staying together have such a hard time taking their own advice?

To the public eye, Dr. Chante Valentine and Dr. Matthew Valentine had the perfect marriage; however, behind closed doors everything was a living hell.  They were consistently at each other throats and were always scheming something evil to get back at one another.  One would think a divorce was in order; but that would severely endanger their successful careers.  So, as a last ditch attempt, Chante and Matthew reluctantly agreed to attend a two-week long sex therapy retreat.

But, will Chante and Matthew quit fighting long enough to save their marriage? Or, was all hope lost?

When Valentines Collide by Adrianne Byrd was hilarious!  On more than one occasion I found myself literally laughing out loud and I don’t mean snickering either, I mean knee hitting, rolling over with laughter.  All I have to say is When Valentines Collide – look out!  The extremes this couple went to get each other back when one did some underhanded event was shocking and had me screaming “Oh No he/she didn’t do that!”  Yet, when Chante and Matthew decided to try and save their marriage with some yummy sexual healing they used the same passion that had been put towards fighting and turned it into an explosive event. 

Ms. Byrd did an excellent job of quickly grabbing my attention from the start and held me completely engrossed and highly amused to the very end.  And, although the plot flowed swiftly, it was not a rushed read.  I happily bestow When Valentines Collide as a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read for the readers who are looking for a good laugh as well as a spectacular read.


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