Twisted Creek by Jodi Thomas

Berkley Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-425-22081-8

Reviewed by Ley




Allie Danielís has not had an easy life; bad luck seemed to be the only luck she's ever known.  Abandoned by her mother, Allie was left with her grandmother who struggled financially to raise her. Things start to change for Allie when she receives a letter that she inherited money and property from her recently deceased uncle Jefferson.  Allie and Nana pack up and move to Texas to start a new life, but things are not as perfect as they appear for one huge reason, Allie didnít have an uncle named Jefferson.

Living their new life in Texas, Allie finds herself taken with the eclectic town folks and one person in particular really sparks her interest.  Luke, the town drifter has Allie on edge, her attraction to him has her fearing he may be the person to expose the lie she was currently living.

Fantastic story! Twisted Creek is an engagingly fun story with a host of quirky characters that along with the sweet romance between Allie and Luke make this a story well worth reading.  Twisted Creek is a light easy read that once I started it I was so drawn in I couldnít put it down until I finished it.  Allie and Luke are the main draw of the story but the surrounding characters added so much to heartwarming sweetness of it.  Even though things were not what they were supposed to be, moving to Texas was definitely where Allie was supposed to be no matter the reasons that brought her there.  I absolutely adored this story and I know anyone who picks up this book will as well. For a book that will make you laugh, cry and smile I Joyfully Recommend Twisted Creek.



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