The Boundaries by Lexxie Couper

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Sci-fi

ISBN: 978-1-59596-898-2

Reviewed by Zayn



Rogue Intel-Patrol Corps termination agent Jai'Enna Ti is posing as a sex-slave when she is "saved" by Boundary Guardian, Zeric Arctos.  Zeric is on a mission to capture a drug dealer and he doesn't need the distraction of his sexy charge; especially since she brings out the beast he has spent his entire life trying to keep caged.  Little does Zeric know but Jai'Enna does not want to be saved because she is on a mission of her own.

Zeric is the least of Jai'Enna’s worries when the Corps sends out her ex-partner Raq Tornada to bring her in.  Tornada does his job with single-minded efficiency and deadly accuracy.  Now, all that determination is focused on capturing Jai'Enna except, Tornada has an agenda outside of the Corps objective and that is to reclaim Jai'Enna for himself.

Amid betrayal and danger at every turn, Jai'Enna has to make a choice between the man she once loved and the one she loves now.  Who will it be?

I love the world Ms. Couper created in The Boundaries—­ alien races, spaceships, translocating—I'm expecting a blue man with a tail to knock at my door any minute now.  Jai'Enna's fight to avenge her sister snow-balled into a journey filled with danger, deceit, surprises and mind-blowing pleasure.  The Boundaries was erotic, action-packed and under it all, deeply romantic and I am thrilled to Joyfully Recommend it to you.


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