Taming Samantha


Taming Samantha by Jenny Penn

Sea Island Wolves, Book 2

Siren Publishing


ISBN: 1-60601-196-0

Reviewed by Lisa




Childhood abandonment by a father and an alcoholic mother who died when Samantha Hark was a teenager left her responsible for two younger siblings.  Sam dropped out of school and took on multiple jobs to support their little family.  Even with the odds stacked against her, Sam has turned into a decent, loving person who recently inherited a lot of money because of her kindness to another.

Sheriff JD McBane and his twin Caleb are alphas to the local pack.  Their particular branch of werewolves comprise ménage a trios relationships with twin brothers and a lone female mate.  Even more pertinent is the fact that they can only breed with their true mate, no other can give them children but then again they only have eyes for their mate once she is discovered.

The moment JD meets Sam he knows that she is meant for the brothers and nothing Sam says will stop JD from taking her to their home with the clear plan of keeping her permanently.  There are of course a few obstacles in JD and Caleb’s path such as Sam’s ex fiancée who wants her and her money or the man who feels he should have inherited his father’s money and then there’s Sam who has little to no trust in any man.  Sam has no intention of taking on two gorgeous, lusty Neanderthals who insist that she belongs to them.  Both sides intend on claiming victory but the problem is only one can win this war of the sexes.

Taming Samantha is an addictive pleasure!  Captivating characters in a lusty story with so many carnal moments’ readers will be sore before Taming Samantha is finished.  Alpha heroes, the brothers McBane will either enthrall you or irritate you or both with their domineering attitudes but they offer no apologies or excuses for who they are.  It takes a strong heroine to see through their gruff exteriors making Sam the perfect fit.  Second in a series and easily a stand alone tale, Taming Samantha has a multi layered plotline with a packed cast and twists and turns throughout.  Taming Samantha is raw, raunchy and intense at times giving readers exactly what they want, a good, hot story.  I Joyfully Recommend Taming Samantha, it’s not for everyone but if you dare it will leave you needing a cold shower or a lucky partner!


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