Tamed by Lynne Maris

Samhain Publishing

BDSM Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-207-2

Reviewed by Shayna




The moment they met, Katrina Keats fell fast and hard for Professor Derek Jacobson.  Unfortunately for her, she was an undergraduate student at the time.  Though she’s now Derek’s teaching assistant and part of his research team, Derek seems determined to keep a professional distance between the two of them.  Yet, underneath his professorial demeanor, Katrina can see his desire for her.

An unexpected turn of events leads Katrina to the discovery that the man of her dreams is a Dom.  Aroused by the prospect of submitting to Derek and showing him that she is the woman he needs, Katrina takes advantage of an opportunity to attend an exclusive Halloween night masked sex party.  Disguising herself as “Kitty,” Katrina catches Derek’s eye at the gathering.  Will Katrina’s gamble pay off and a night of wicked passion lead to the happily ever after she’s always dreamed of?  Or when all is revealed will she lose the trust of the man she loves?

Every once in a while I come across a story that is nothing less than pure pleasure to read.  Tamed is such a book for me.  It’s a dynamite package of sizzling-hot eroticism and tender romance that grabbed me from the start and didn’t let go.

What I love about the story is that there is an innate sense of kindness about its hero and heroine.  While I suppose it’s not strictly relevant to the story, Katrina and Derek’s “goodness,” their likeability and honorable personalities (despite, or perhaps because of, their humanizing flaws) made me connect with them.  I was enraptured by Tamed because I wanted Derek and Katrina to overcome the obstacles keeping them apart.  Each of them became real to me in a sense, making their story an unforgettable read.

It’s also impossible to write about Tamed without mentioning the love scenes.  Lynne Maris definitely knows how to heat up the page!  Yet while the book and its characters are sexy as all getout, I was impressed by the way Ms. Maris seamlessly weaved in Katrina’s character development through her sexual submission to Derek.  Though at the outset her primary goal in submitting to Derek is to prove she can be what he needs, as the night goes on, Katrina learns more about herself and what she truly needs and desires.  Her doing so adds dimensions to their relationship, making it feel more equal and emphasizing how right Katrina and Derek are for one another.

Put simply, I loved this book.  The characters are memorable and endearing, the story supremely sensual, and the romance utterly beautiful.  Lynne Maris has a new fan in me; I look forward to reading much more of her work.  Captivatingly erotic, Tamed is sure to please.


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