Sunday by Kaia Bennett

Wicked Women of Color

Erotic Romance, Interracial

Reviewed by Indy




Gia never imagined how her view of Sundays would change forever after working with her psychology classí bad boy. Flynn, is a slacker who seems to spend more time sleeping than actually learning.  Meeting him on a weekly basis for a class project takes a turn for the worse when one explosive and intimate encounter opens up a flood gate of longing neither are prepared for. Flynn is tired of the way ďlittleĒ Gia comes into his home treating him as if heís not worth the scum on the bottom of his shoe. Teaching her a lesson gets out of hand and something that should have been simple is more complicated than ever.

Can two people who finally take the time to get to truly know each other, both in bed and out get past the fear that comes with an all consuming passion?  A passion that can be the best thing they will ever experience or one that might just destroy them both.

If you know nothing else, know that I LOVED this story. Talk about an author who brought the heat!!! Sunday, is a story overflowing with some of the hottest encounters Iíve been exposed to in ages. Not sure if youthful vigor played a part in how Kaia presented her couple but Flynn was the kind of man every woman should experienced. Hard outer shell, rough and tumble lover who is all man! His good girl Gia was no push-over, a winning combination of nice girl coupled with the freedom that comes with true love. Kaia Bennett started this couple off with an encounter I think will cause a little concern. Personally I believe a little non-consent is good for what aches you, especially when the underlying issue is two people who want each other but just donít know it yet.

Half-stepping isnít something Gia and Flynn know how to do and to add fuel to the fire is an ex-lover who just canít seem to stay away. Outside of the encounters which I admit keep you captivated 80% of the time, what I really loved is how easy Kaia made me feel as if it was me there feeling every touch, taste, the love and the pain that were part of Gia and Flynnís love affair. If I could bottle up the ability to create such vivid imagery, to capture the pure essence of raw emotion, Iím sure I could quit my day job!  For reasons too many to count I Joyfully, ecstatically Recommend Sunday for a Recommended Read during the month of January.


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