Secrets of the Knight by Julia Latham

League of Bladesmen Book 3



ISBN-13: 978-0061432965

Reviewed by Tori



Diana Winslow went to Castle Bannaster on a mission; she did not know that an act done under the cover of a servants costume would change the course of her life. Viscount Bannaster is now dead and his brother Thomas is now the Viscount.  When word comes that Thomas will be coming to her home to court Diana’s sister, the Bladeswoman plots to find out if he has discovered who she is.

Viscount Thomas Bannaster, once destined for the priesthood is now looking for a wife.  When his cousin, the King of England, suggests that he court the younger Winslow sister he heads right to her home only to be kidnapped on his way.  Even though Diana swears the kidnapping is to protect her sister, he knows something else is up. As soon as he escapes, he intends to find out what that is.

Secrets of the Knight is smart, funny and sexy. Julia Latham does an excellent job writing these unusual lives and does so in a way that is believable.  The dialogue feels natural and the characters are intelligent and well written.  I especially liked the opposite upbringings of the two main characters, the woman trained to be a fighter and the male punished if he touched a sword.   Not many can write a character that does stupid things once in a while, but is still smart enough to know that it was stupid.  Secrets of the Knight is the complete package and that is why I Joyfully Recommend it.


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