Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr

Virgin River, Book 5



ISBN: 978-07783-2646-5

Reviewer: Melissa




The last thing Vanessa Rutledge had ever expected was to fall in love with her late husbandís best friend, Paul Haggerty. But since Mattís death Vanessa and Paul have grown closer together. Paul was even present for the birth of Matt and Vanniís son. Matt has feelings for Vanni as well but he is reluctant to act on them because of the memory of Matt and Paulís uncertainty of Vanniís feelings. Finally Paul and Vanni do admit their love for each other. As they work towards their future, it is complicated when a woman from Paulís past gives him news that could come between him and Vanni, just when they have finally found each other.

I cannot say how much I have been loving the Virgin River series! Robyn Carr has had me hooked from the first book. And she has done it again with Second Chance Pass. Each book can be read by itself as a stand-alone but they are to be relished as series. Those who havenít read this series are missing out and readers who have been reading along will want to pick up Second Chance Pass as soon as it releases. Definitely a Joyfully Recommended Read here!


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