Pride! by Rachel Vincent

Werecats, Book 3



ISBN: 978-0778326496

Reviewed by Tanya



Faythe and the rest of the pride are back in the trial for Faythe’s life.  They will not have an easy time of it as she has managed to break 2 of the 3 major crimes that are normally automatically punishable by death.  The fact that she had done them both by accident, and in self-defense, may not matter to the group of Alpha’s deciding her fate.

Now the trial is tough enough but when a teenage tabby is found being stalked in the woods near where the trial is being held things go from difficult to almost impossible.  To add to the concern and worry is the fact that Marc might even get tossed out of the pride due to Faythe’s actions.  Will Faythe and Marc work through their breakup at the end of Rogue?  Will it be permanent or will they get back together. In the end will it even matter if Faythe is given the death sentence?

Rachel Vincent is one of my new favorite writers, and Pride! again confirms why.  Normally 1st person stories are hard for me to read but I was unaware Pride! was written in this format until someone else pointed it out to me.  This means that the story flowed so well and I was able to get into Faythe’s mindset so easily that my normal issues were forgotten.  In Pride! I found Faythe has finally started to understand there may be more than one consequence for her actions and while learning this the hard way, is finally learning it.

Pride! made me laugh, cry, send the authors emails (I swear I am not stalking her) to make sure that one of the characters was going to be ok in the end.  This story has it all not only are you dealing with Faythe’s trial, you get to meet another were member who is rarer than even pride cats.  Ms. Vincent has a huge fan in me and I will be first in line for the next story in the Werecats series and hope it is long lived.  I definitely Joyfully Recommend Pride! to all fans of shifter stories as well as anyone wanting to try  one for the first time.


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