One-Two Punch by Katie Allen

Ellora's Cave


ISBN: 9781419918230

Reviewed by Zayn



For nearly a month, Beth has been lusting after Mr. Lovely-Ass through the glass window of the gym she passes on her way to and from work.  Beth finally works up the courage to approach him, under the pretense of wanting boxing lessons, and he is even more perfect up close.

When the blonde cutie enters his gym looking lost, Harry is more than happy to help her in anyway he can.  Passion flares between Beth and Harry and things heat up instantly.  Their relationship is growing nicely when Harry's old Army buddy Ky comes into town.

Ky has wanted Harry for years.  He is ready to make his move but he didnít count on Beth.  Life outside the Army is proving difficult to handle, even more so with his dream man seemingly out of reach.

As the trio struggle to work things out, an external force has its sights set on Beth.

Ms. Allen scored a knock-out with One-Two Punch.  Beth and Harry were on fire for each other but it was Ky who I fell in love with immediately.  Nothing gets to me like a tortured hero and Ky had that in spades.  Beth was the perfect answer for both Ky and Harry.  She knew exactly what each of her men needed and Beth delivered. Then when the time came, Ky and Harry took care of her.

One-Two Punch was filled with sizzling sex, angst and intrigue.  I loved this story and I'm sure you will too so I am Joyfully Recommending it to you.


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