Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle

School of Gallantry, Book 1



ISBN-13: 978-1420104486

Reviewed by Vicki



Maybelle de Maitenon has no interest in her grandmotherís latest scheme.  All she wants to do is go to see the great pyramids before they are all looted and destroyed.  When Maybelleís grandmother has a stroke, she is forced to stay behind to help teach at The School of Gallantry.  When Edmund Worthington, the Duke of Rutherford enrols into the school, she risks not only losing the school but also losing her heart.

Edmund is haunted by the mistakes of his father.  After a romp in a garden with Maybelle, he feels it his duty to wed her.  When Edmund finds out about the school, he decides that it will not due at all to have a Duchess running a school that teaches men how to seduce women.  Edmund decides to enrol into the school to keep an eye on Maybelle. If he isnít careful he may find himself losing his heart as well.

Mistress of Pleasure is sexy and steamy. There are some pretty funny scenes in this book that left me giggling.  I loved Madame de Maitenon as a character, and she is so eclectic and charming.  Edmund is the quintessential stuffy Duke trying to escape his fatherís legacy.   Maybelle is believably scared about love, though a bit of a prude despite her upbringing.  There are a few improbable parts in Mistress of Pleasure but in the end it didnít matter because the storyline carried them well, and that is why I Joyfully Recommend it.


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