Like No Other Lover by Julie Anne Long



ISBN: 978-0-06-134159-5

Reviewed by Niki Lee



It is a house party that also happens to be Cynthia Brightly’s last chance to find a husband before her scandalous past catches up with her.  Charm and beauty are her weapons, as Miles Redmond, newly made heir to the Redmond fortune, certainly knows.  He had been bewitched by her before, only to be rebuffed as not quite good enough.  After going to discover more about the world, he comes back only to find her back in his life. This time, he plans to finally get her out of his head – with a kiss.

However, the kiss sets off a storm.  Miles says he will help her with the other eligible gentlemen at the party, but he can’t stop wanting her.  And while Cynthia originally thought him to be dark and boring, she begins to see him as a man, not just a staid and boring scientist.  Love blooms between them, but neither one can let go enough to trust that love, not money, will get them their dreams.

Oh my goodness, Like No Other Lover spoke to me more than nearly any other romance I have ever read.  I sat down and read it in one sitting, with my heart feeling everything the characters were feeling.  It made me remember what it’s like to have a first kiss, first lover and to first fall in love.  The characters developed so beautifully and the way they responded to one another was skillfully done.  I was thoroughly enchanted with the entire story and I definitely, Joyfully Recommend it!


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