Greeley's Spyce by Aliyah Burke

The Megalodon Team

Lulu Publishing


ISBN: 978-0-557-01286-2

Reviewed by Nellie




A chance encounter with Kacy Travis in Hawaii sealed her fate for Ernst Zimmermann; he had found what he wasn’t looking for, his soul mate. Ernst is a navy seal and used to dangerous missions but was finding himself working twice as hard to convince Kacy, an evasive and feisty woman, that they belonged together. Kacy, an electrician by trade, is cautious and wary about getting involved in a relationship after the damage done by her ex-boyfriend.  Ernst is determined and is not dissuaded by the walls Kacy has erected to protect herself. He slowly and brick by brick, chips them away by his pursuit and being with her on the most heartbreaking moment in her life. As the two lovers get closer, Kacy’s priorities shift, she is determined to protect Ernst from the danger that lurked from her past even if it means letting him go.   

Greeley's Spyce was so refreshing in terms of richness in content and scenarios. I was drawn into the emotions and heartaches of the main characters, I cried a couple of times and wanted to grab and shake the heroine on some of her questionable decisions. All in all a worthwhile emotional roller coaster ride I would repeatedly take. I also loved the glimpses into the other happily settled Megalodon men. There were one or two grammatical errors but that did not distract me from the story or recommending this read.


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