Dark Magic by Cheyenne McCray

Magic, Book 5

St. Martin’s Press


ISBN-10: 0312949596
ISBN-13: 978-0312949594

Reviewed by Jo



Cassia is finally home and about to gain the birthright that she has been working for.  Cassia as come to realize all the changes it will cause in her life, but there is still one problem – she will have to mate with someone other than Jake.  She is even trying to accept that until Cassia sees Jake about to die and she leaves everything to go to him.

Jake Macgregor is the leader of the Paranormal Special Forces in San Francisco and he has his hands full.  They have defeated two gods, and now have to find and defeat the human how somehow gained all their powers.  Jake has all of San Francisco on his shoulders and he knows that somehow, someway he and the rest of the group have to find the missing link.  Another reason is that Cassia is missing from the group and Jake feels a hole where she was.  But why did she lie to them?

Truths are revealed when Cassia and Jake talk.  Jake is not going to let Cassia belong to anyone but him, even if he has to face the Great Guardian himself.  Now Jake and Cassia have two missions: to defeat Darkwolf and to find a way to be together forever.  Both are going to take every bit of trust, logic, magic, and love they have and a whole lot of help from their friends to achieve both and get their magical ending.

Superb! Were my feelings after finishing Dark Magic.  I was waiting for Jake and Cassia’s story ever since I closed the cover on the previous Magic book.  It was definitely worth the wait.  Cassia has finally come of age and is about to find her destiny, but it’s one without Jake.  Jake knows that all of his attention should be focused on the fight with Darkwolf, but there is no way not to think of Cassia and his needs.  Together not only do they fight a dark and dangerous foe but struggle to keep the love they have together even when it means fighting the highest of powers in the Otherworld.  I inhaled Dark Magic from cover to cover, loving it along the way.  Cassia and Jake are a force to be reckoned with and prove that passion and love is the most important thing in any world.  The one sad thing was when I finished and knew that the Magic series was over, but I know that I will be re-reading this and the rest of the series over again.  Dark Magic was the best way to end a wonderful series and I highly recommend it – as a matter of fact I Joyfully Recommend it with out hesitation.


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