A Time to Keep by Rochelle Alers
Kimani Press
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1583146545
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




A new beginning…

Gwen Taylor inherited a New Orleans’ mansion from her deceased great aunt.  Instead of selling the house for a profit, Gwen decided to relocate to start a new life.  The first person that Gwen encountered after arriving in the small town was Sheriff Shiloh Harper – a man who instantly set her soul on fire.  As a woman who lived her life according to timetables and her trusty day planner, Gwen wasn’t prepared for a domineering man who lived in the moment. 

Yet, their desire for one another could not be denied. 

Sparks flew and it wasn’t long before Gwen and Shiloh succumbed to the inferno passion that burned between them.  But, all wasn’t well for the happy couple because Gwen’s reporter curiosity into an unsolved murder puts her life in danger.  Will Gwen and Shiloh be able to solve the cold case mystery before the danger claims Gwen’s life?

A Time to Keep was a spectacular page turner that kept me reading long into the night.  From the spine-tingling murder mystery to the spicy love affair between Gwen and Shiloh, A Time to Keep kept me glued to my seat eager to discover how the story would unfold.  And, boy let me tell you that I was not disappointed with the outcome!  A Time to Keep had it all – thrilling suspense, witty dialogue, emotional character connection, as well as danger and passion.  Readers, you can’t go wrong with this story.  I am honored to bestow Rochelle Alers’ A Time to Keep as a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read!


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