Wolf Unbound by Lauren Dane
Cascadia Wolves, Book 3
Samhain Publishing
Erotic Werewolf
ISBN: 1-59998-847-X
Reviewed by Talia Ricci




Werewolf Tegan Warden has spent the last four years of her life mourning the death of her mate.  Her job as a Cascadia Enforcer keeps her going through out the day, but late at night she wishes for strong arms to hold her and a deep voice to whisper commands to her.  Commands that she readily wants to submit to in the bedroom.   Finally able to take charge of her life again, Tegan frequents a local BDSM club with the hope of being able to give up control, if just for a little while.  Alone and blindfolded, Teganís senses go on alert when she realizes that the man so masterfully making her submit might be exactly what she needs.  Hooking up with him is fairly a no-brainer since he seems to be just as attracted to her as she is to him.  After their scene, Tegan agrees to a simple date.  Nothing is simple after their date, however, because come the light of day there are repercussions of their sexual encounter and it is a forever kind of mistake.

Ben Stoner canít believe his body.  Alone with the fiery-haired woman in a scene room at his club, and he is instantly aroused.  Using every bit of control he has to make the scene work for her, by the sceneís completion, he knows he has to see this beautiful submissive woman again.  She just might be the submissive woman of his dreams.  He doesnít count on being tied to her forever. 

Ben and Tegan have a lot of issues to work through.  Issues that as a human Ben doesnít like and as a werewolf in a pack, Tegan has no choice but to obey.  Add in the werewolf mafia and these two lovers will have to fight with every bit of their souls to stay together.

I canít get enough of Lauren Daneís Cascadia Wolves and Wolf Unbound is no exception.  I read this book like a junkie looking for his next fix.  Engulfing this story in one sitting, I laughed and I cried.  I rolled my eyes at Ben one minute and then swooned at his charm and love for Tegan the next.  I blushed at their encounters and cheered their victories.  Wolf Unbound was written in such a way that I could hear their words and feel their emotions. 

Wolf Unbound is just another reason why Lauren Dane is an automatic read for me.  It was simply divine and I wholeheartedly urge snapping up a copy right this very minute.  I must simply and emphatically Joyfully Recommend Wolf Unbound. 


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