The Royal Mess by Maryjanice Davidson
Alaskan Royal Family, Book 3
Contemporary Romance
ISBN (10): 0-7582-1208-9
ISBN (13): 978-0-7582-1208-5
Reviewed by Jo




Nicole Krenski has completed the last request of her dying mother Ė to contact her father, who was only just revealed to Nicole herself.  Imagine her amazement at learning her father is King Alexander II (known as King Al) of the Alaskan Royal house.  Nicole really doesnít want anything else to do with the family; after all, she has lived her life without them so far.  However, when circumstances make it so Nicole has to agree to the acknowledgement of King Al, she decides there is at least ONE thing she just might like from the palace.

Jeffrey Rodinov is a royal bodyguard who is from a long line of protectors of the Royal family.  When he is put in charge of Nicoleís safety, Jeffrey has a moment of doubt Ė not in his ability to protect Nicole from harm, but in his ability to protect them from each other.  Trying to fight their attraction has put Jeffrey between a rock and a hard space.  Now, throw in the rest of the Royals and Edmund, along with the daily antics that just seem to happen, then add it all up and you have what just might be termed as a royal mess.

I will say right off the top that my wait for the next book in the Alaskan Royal Family was totally worth it.  The Royal Mess is about a new royal child and how she learns to cope with her new identity and that so includes her hunky bodyguard, Jeffrey.  To avoid saying too much, Iím just going to say that Nicole had me laughing and sighing from start to finish.  Ms. Davidson has once again taken her down-to-earth royals and given us yet another dimension to their unique family, using her trademarked humor and false insults to reveal the deep love they all feel for each other.  I could not put The Royal Mess down and then turned around and reread it all over again.  There was no aspect I did not love in following Nicoleís trials.  If you have been reading this series, this is a book you wonít want to miss.  If you have not been following the Alaskan Royals, then get up right now and go find them Ė you wonít regret it, I promise.  Of course this could only be a Joyfully Recommended Read from me.

As a side note, Ms. Davidson has said this might be her last in the series.  I will say several questions are answered and ends are tied up.  However, after re-reading I found at least one sibling who was left open and Iím hoping she will decide to do his story at some future time.  And as this has edged its way into being my favorite series from Ms Davidson, Iím not above begging.


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