The Princess and the Bodyguard by Morgan Asbury
Magic and Love 2
Siren Publishing
Contemporary Romance/Little bit of magic thrown in
ISBN: 1-933563-44-3
Reviewed by Tanya




Princess Rachel has finally turned her life around.  She had gotten in with a bad crowd a few years ago, just trying to fit in.  After falling into drug use and being kidnapped, she finally has things going her way.  She is getting ready to open her own design house of fashion and she has also decided to pursue the one thing she has wanted for years. Peter.  Peter has been the only one she every really wanted. Now she is going to risk her heart and let him know she wants him.  No more playing around with the light flirting.  But, when she is about to make her move, she is suddenly confronted with a death threat.  Peter and her father (the king) were not going to tell her about it at first, but then decided she needed to know.  She has a stalker and this person seems serious that the world needs to be rid of this one specific princess.

Peter has loved Rachel since she was sixteen.  But he feels that with all of the experiences in the past, and the fact he is just the head of security, he is no match for the royal family.  Even though Rachel’s family all think Peter is just the man for her, he doesn’t think himself worthy.  But Rachel’s new campaign to seduce him just might work.

Hannah is in love with King Alex but, the major issue is that she fell in love with him before he admitted he was king.  She lived a life full of her spouse lying to her and she is not going to do that again so she is not so sure she will forgive Alex.  Though her heart wants her to.

Alex is king and not used to being told no.  He figures he has a few weeks to convince Hannah not only will he never lie to her again but she is the perfect woman to be his queen.  Will he succeed?

The Princess and the Bodyguard is a modern day, fairy tale romance.  The author has a couple of well-meaning fairy godmothers who are working behind the scenes to try and encourage the two main couples to find, realize and commit to their true mates.  The author does a wonderful job of letting the reader know the background of the main characters while at the same time continuing on with their lives.  I love how Rachel decides to “attack” Peter and make him be the one on the defensive as she is sure he doesn’t see her as a grown woman with needs.  The story weaves the dangers of a potential kidnapping in with growing love.  I Joyfully Recommend The Princess and the Bodyguard and hope that book three comes out soon.


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