The Last Queen by Christine McKay
Cerridwen Press
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 97814119909733
Reviewer: Melissa




Adrianne Harris’s life almost ends when her plane crash lands, and then her life really gets strange! While she’s unconscious in the hospital, she dreams of a man who seems to know her. Navarre and his brethren are dragon shifters and they have been aimlessly traveling, believing they are the last of their kind. They are stunned to discover that they have a queen on Earth and hurry to her. Now they have to inform a stunned Adrianne that she is their queen and a dragon shifter to boot. Oh and did they forget to mention that she is expected to pick a mate and breed, and that “The Hunter” is after them determined to drive them into extinction? Life for Adrianne will definitely never be the same.

I have to say when I first picked up The Last Queen, I was hesitant. Truthfully it just sounded…weird. But once I began reading it, I could not put it down. Slightly reminiscent of Anne McCafferty’s Dragons of Pern, Christine McKay puts a whole new spin on dragons. A spin that makes the story thoroughly engrossing! Moments of humor and the love story between Navarre and Adrianne mesh perfectly with a well-written science fiction story. I can only hope that Christine McKay has more dragon stories for us in the future. Although I hesitated in picking up The Last Queen, I can’t recommend it enough! Don’t hesitate to read this hidden treasure!


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