Suni’s Gift by Anne Rainey
Heat Sheet: Frost
ISBN: 978-1-59426-797-0
Reviewed by Tanya




Ross is a strong ad tough firefighter who doesn’t know how he ever managed before Suni.  He met her a few years ago when she asked someone to come talk to her class about fire safety.  It was love at first sight.  Suni is the woman of his dreams.

Suni can’t understand why she is having fantasies that involve two men or being dominated in the bedroom.  Ross treats her better than she ever thought possible.  She still has the fantasies and figures if she can’t talk about them, she can at least write them in her journal. He is stunned that Suni isn’t satisfied, but he is willing to do almost anything once for his true love.  He sets up a ménage as a Christmas present for Suni and contacts their mutual friend Alex for this one-time-only deal, knowing Alex will never mention it to anyone else.

Will Ross be able to go through with the gift, and will Suni get over her embarrassment to be able to live her fantasy?

Suni’s Gift is a fantastic story that will make you sit back and think while fanning yourself.  This has to be one of the best ménage stories I have read.  The author actually deals with many of the feelings people have from being embarrassed to bring things up to not being sure they can go through with something once it is started.  I was thoroughly intrigued with how the author was able to reconcile the different feelings each of the characters had, to bring it together and make the story work.  If you are not sure about reading a ménage book, this would be a fantastic one to start with.  All of these reasons are why I have to make Suni’s Gift one of my January Joyfully Recommended reads.


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