Stealing Life by T.A. Chase
Liquid Silver
ISBN 978-1-59578-352-3
M/M Sci Fi/Fantasy
Reviewed by Ley




Vlatko wants to be left alone to live his life in peace, but that's not possible.  He knows too much and his former employer wants what he knows.  An ex-assassin for Inter-Universal Military, Vlatko kept records of all his hits, he used that information as a bargaining chip to walk away from his old life.  However, the I.U.M isn't letting him go that easily. Vlatko knows this and he's always been prepared for whatever trickery they would attempt in order to get his files, but sending the sexy thief Rue just may be his undoing.

Rue is a loner, abandoned as a child, he grew up on the streets, stealing and selling his body, doing the latter only until he got better at stealing.  He was an excellent thief. Being alone and trusting no one helped him to remain focus when doing a job.  Stealing Vlatko's secrets was supposed to be a simple job. Rue soon learned there was nothing simple when dealing with Vlatko.

Stealing Life has some really cool sci-fi concepts. T.A. Chase's imagination is wild.  The story itself was really good, a former assassin falls for the thief hired to steal from him, neither one a trusting man finds something to believe in within one another.  Rue and Vlatko were great characters, neither one growing up in a typical family life. Rue was from the streets and Vlatko was in training to be an assassin from birth, so it was no wonder that their relationship was quickly physical with little regard to emotions.  But that physical attraction grew and developed into something beautiful between them.  I also enjoyed the other characters in Chase's book. Reading about Zalaigh and Allaite was a nice treat.   I love when a story isn't focused on just the two main characters, but I'm not going to say much about them because it would give away too much of the plot.  Stealing Life is a Joyfully Recommended read.


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