Seducing Celestine by Amarinda Jones
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419911576
Reviewed by Indy




Celestine was in dire need of something great in her life, and the dream lover she was currently enjoying was just what her body needed. Of course she should send him on his way when she realizes the warm sweet licks are real and sheís not the one he was actually looking for. Nick Swann, the man who climbed into her bed, is more than willing to continue with their moonlight rendezvous even if Celestine isnít who he was initially expecting. Their encounter leads to a dual obsession; Nick chasing Celestine for more repeat performances and Celestine doing everything in her power to fight her growing need to have him in her life. As these two work through their relationship madness, bad luck still wants to follow Celestine as she suddenly finds herself in danger from someone who is ready and willing to do her bodily harm.

On a cold wintry night while stuck in doors sometimes you just need to do something fun. Seducing Celestine turned my cold evening into one filled with laughter and heat. Celestine is the epitome of a quirky heroine, full of spunk, oddball behavior and is a total sexpot in bed. Her duel with Nick over the possibility that their relationship is more than just sex was a pleasure to enjoy. As always, the male lead in the story, Nick, is a happy-go-lucky guy who knows what he wants, knows when to push and when to step back and let his woman figure things out on her own. Iíve become a rabid fan of Amarinda Jones and her outback dialogue which, for me, adds something special to her stories. Stories which are already dynamic to begin with seem to jump off the pages and snatch you into them. Iíve come to expect a great time when reading one of her stories and sheís yet to disappoint. I think if more people smiled and laughed when it came to enjoying each other relationships would be better for it. So, if youíre looking for a story that can provide some warm fuzzy feelings on a cold winter night you canít go wrong by picking up a copy of Seducing Celestine.


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