One Good Man by Cindy Spencer Pape & Lacey Thorn
Ellora's Cave
ISBN 9781419914577
Reviewed by Jambrea




Grant Kincaid is hiding from the world.  He was wounded while in Iraq and had to watch as the tent his only brother was in exploded before his eyes.  Now he is hiding out in an old family cabin wishing he was the bother who had died that day.

Casey Shields is a freelance photographer who was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  During an innocent walk around town she photographs a murder and now someone is after her.

While running for her life, Casey heads to her family cabin.  On the way, she runs into a helpful Marine who leads her to Grant and then disappears.  Can a ghost bring these two together or tear them apart?

One Good Man was heartbreakingly wonderful.  Cindy Spencer Pape & Lacey Thorn pulled my emotions through the ringer.  Nothing tugs at my heartstrings more than a wounded solider in need of help and boy, does Casey help Grant!  These two scorched the pages of the book and if they got any hotter, I would have needed a fire extinguisher.

One Good Man flows so smoothly that it was very hard for me to tell that two people wrote this book!  It was that good.  It is also hard for me to think of this book as paranormal because there is only one ghost and he only appears briefly in the book.  I would classify this book as more of a contemporary romance.  I am Joyfully Recommending that everyone pick up One Good Man


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