Hold by Zannie Adams
Elloraís Cave
ISBN: 9781419912849
Reviewed by Indy




Living in a time where the simplest of infractions can land you in trouble, Riana, an archeologist, made a mistake that has now placed her in a penal colony. On a planet where humane behavior no longer exists, where Riana will probably wind up dead within a fortnight if she doesnít find a way to survive. Taking advice from one of the guards, Riana decides to pick Cain, the loner who she glimpses a bit of goodness in, as her protector. An even trade: her body for his protection against the vile criminals waiting for the chance to use her body for their own pleasures.  As the days drag by Riana never expects to want more from her silent gruff protector than the security he represents, never expects their agreement will leave her wanting so much more.

If it was allowed I would be cursing my behind off right now. Hold has just exploded its way onto my Top Ten list for 2007.  On a futuristic planet, where there is no difference between misdemeanor criminals and stone cold killers, a group of people have sunk into lunacy. Zannie Adams has created a winner with a woman trying to survive, what I personally consider to be wrongful imprisonment, and the man who is willing to risk it all to have her. Ms. Adams showed with Cain how when thrown into the harshest of situations only a thin line separates us from maintaining our civility. Riana was a woman I could do nothing but respect, a woman who understood what she needed to do to survive and did it without a lot of whining. Hold left me panting, excited and wondering how easy would it be for me to lose all sense of right and wrong if I was placed in a situation like this. I canít recommend this story enough for those who like their stories raw, who want their social awareness challenged and for anyone who just loves a great story filled with ecstasy.


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