Finnegan's Promise by Carol Lynne
Ellora's Cave
M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 9781419909467
Reviewed by Ley




Professional football player, Calder 'Fin' Finnegan lived his life believing he was a big disappointment in his fatherís eyes, no matter how much he accomplished in his life. Reluctantly, he returned home to Boston at his father's request, a place he has been to very infrequently over the past six years. He was needed to look after the family owned pub so his father could take a much-needed vacation back to his homeland of Ireland.

Sean Finnegan loved his son, to him a good father provided for his family even though it meant not spending much time with them.  Now with his health fading due to cancer, Sean wants to make things right with his son and hopefully his friend and bartender at the pub, Mick Sullivan will be able to help.

Finnegan's Promise, was an enjoyable and emotional story, the term 'feel good' keeps coming to mind as I think of how to describe it. Through Sean and Fin's journey to become a family again before it was too late Carole Lynne showed how actions don't always take the place of words. I can't decide which touch me more, Mick helping Fin to realize what a beautiful person he is, and how he is someone worth loving and capable of giving love. Or Fin finally understanding that his father wasn't ashamed of him, that it was the total opposite. His father was more proud than any father could be of their son, his only shame was making it known to every one except Fin. 

I Joyfully Recommend Finnegan's Promise, and have kleenex nearby because you will need it.


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