Dawn's Awakening by Lora Leigh
Feline Breeds
Berkley Sensation
ISBN: 978-0-425-21975-1
Reviewed by Jo




What is a woman to do when her mate is trying to move on?  Dawn Daniels discovers that to have Seth there is much she will have to face and resolve. By putting everything that happened in the labs deep in her memory, Dawn has grown into a controlled and respected member of the pride. However years ago Dawn discovered her mate only to have him leave her. Now years later he is in trouble, probably for helping the breeds, and Dawn is going to Seth on a three- fold mission. To protect him, find out who’s trying to kill him and to claim him.

Seth Lawrence has wanted Dawn since the first time he saw her, but when faced with her past Seth left her, thinking it was for the best. He has tried to move on with his life, but when circumstances make it so he has to have a breed security team at his island that is no longer an option. Seth just wonders if he can handle having Dawn so close without touching her. Danger, death and Dawn’s determination take the decision out of Seth’s hands in one way and yet it gives him the strength he needs to help Dawn became the mate he wants and needs – even if he has to overrule her family and hurt Dawn emotionally to do so.

Out of all the original feline’s breeds – Dawn is the last to have her story. I have been waiting for her ever since I met her the first time.  Dawn’s Awakening was everything and much more than I could have wished for. I knew, as did many of us that Seth and Dawn were supposed to be mates. I was unprepared for what had all happened in the years between the last time we saw Dawn and Seth.  Ms. Leigh had me on the ropes in several places. I had tears in my eyes in at least two specific places.  The deep love – not only between Dawn and Seth, but also that of the breed family – I found to be the underlying emotion throughout Dawn’s Awakening even when I was really mad at something a much loved character had done. The roller coaster ride of danger, betrayal, love, hate, and new mysteries were to be expected and yet I can’t tell you any more about it without spilling the beans altogether. What I can and will tell you is that Dawn’s Awakening is one of a couple special breed books in my opinion and one that will be re-read by me many times. It is also a Joyfully Recommended Read from me for all of those reasons I mentioned.


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