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Deviations:  Domination (Domination Series, Book 2) by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne
Torquere Press
Gay Erotic Romance/BDSM
ISBN: 1-934166-00-6
Reviewed by Cheryl


When Jodi Payne and Chris Owen's Deviations:  Submission ended, all was well with Dominant Tobias Vincent and his boy, Noah Dolan.  After several negative experiences, Noah finally got a taste of real submission.  Encouraged by their success, Noah signed a six month contract with Tobias.  More than that, the two discovered a relationship beyond dominance and submission.

 In the next installment, Deviations:  Domination, we learn that everything might not be quite that peachy.  With the help of an old friend, Tobias realizes he isn't looking for simply a lover.  While he cherishes him as a lover, Tobias needs Noah's complete submission.  Tobias knows Noah has yet to feel true joy in submitting, and he needs to take him there.  However, he worries that if he pushes Noah too hard, his boy and lover could leave.  Of course, if Tobias doesn't push, Noah may leave anyway.  Tobias must find a way past his fears and reconcile their romantic relationship within the bounds of their D/s relationship.  With the help of his cheeky sub and some close friends, Tobias may find the way.

 Wow!  I'm at a loss for words!  I can't fully express how much I loved Deviations: Domination!  Both kinky and sweet, it was a joy to read.  I didn't want it to end, but couldn't put it down.  Deceptively subtle, Payne and Owen's Deviations: Domination is a complex exploration of dominance, submission, trust, and love.  In this second Deviations book, we see more of Tobias' struggles.  As he wrestles with his faults and insecurities, we gain more insight into Tobias, the man and the top.  At the same time, we learn more about Noah and how he works with Tobias.  Other stories may play at BDSM, but Deviations: Domination is a real, uncompromising look at building such a relationship.  This authenticity makes it a hotter and ultimately more satisfying read. For readers of M/M, BDSM, or smoking hot erotic romance, I can't recommended Deviations: Domination enough!  You will not be disappointed.

 Deviations: Domination is the second book in the Domination series, and it is recommended that readers first read Deviations: Submission in order to get the full impact. This is hardly an inconvenience, as it's a wonderful book in it's own right and adds so much to the story.  After the revelations about the delightful, but enigmatic Phan, I eagerly await the next volume.   Besides, I must know what happens with Tobias and his boy next! 



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