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Valorian Chronicles by Vivi Anna
Blood Secrets, Book 1
Silhouette Nocturne
ISBN: 0373617585
Reviewed by Lyonene

Necropolis wasn’t all that different from any other city in America; high-rises brushed the night sky, storefronts lined the busy streets, fluorescent signs declared this week’s special sales and couples out on the town lined up to get into the hottest nightclubs.  There was a difference though… the people.  They weren’t human, they were Other.  For the most part, the existence of the Otherworld community was a guarded secret from the rest of the world. The human populace on a whole weren’t aware of the existence of any Otherworld community, let alone a city built just for them fifty miles outside of San Antonio, Texas, behind the chain link fence of a supposed military installation.

Caine Valorian is a Crime Scene Investigator for the city of Necropolis.  His lab is his baby and he spent months setting it up, getting it organized, buying the equipment; all of it funded by his own sizeable fortune. A vampire didn’t live as long as he had without amassing some wealth… if he was smart.   Since the death of his wife, Caine hasn’t had anything to do with relationships, other than professional ones.

Why did she have to open her big fat mouth at the emergency lab meeting and say that working in the Otherworld Crime Unit would be no big deal?  Eve Grant works as a Crime Scene Investigator in San Antonio and has for the past two years.  She’s processed evidence and maintained the computer lab, and although she’d been out on a few crime scenes while in training, this would be the first one she’d be out in the field alone… well, not quite alone. 

The first time Caine saw Eve, he thought she looked like a Malibu Stacy Barbie doll.  There was an instant attraction¾which was odd for him; especially since she was a human.  The attraction became stronger when she proved herself to be extremely intelligent and good at her job.  This was bad, he needed to keep his mind on the case, not on the human that came in to help with it.  Eve expected Caine Valorian to look like a classic movie vampire… long black hair, aristocratic features, and pale blue eyes but the only thing he and the vampire in her mind have in common was the color of his hair.  She was in trouble.  She just arrived and she was already imagining the lead investigator of the case in flagrante.   The case… she had to keep her mind and attention on finding out what a young human woman was not only doing in a city that is off-limits to the human race, but who her murderer is.

Valorian Chronicles is a book that totally captivated me with its intense emotion, mystery and adventure.  Every step that Caine and Eve took solving Lillian’s murder brought me closer to finding out who the murderer was, but even with the occasional glimpse into the killer’s mind and life, as well as the clues that were found, I didn’t figure it out until the end.  Both the romance and the mystery in the Valorian Chronicles told in this alternate reality felt so real, that I could easily not only see the story as it unfolded, but also felt that I could fly to San Antonio, rent a car and drive right to Necropolis.  I have loved every story of Vivi Anna’s that I’ve read, and the Valorian Chronicles is another one that goes onto the top shelf of my keeper bookcase.  I loved Valorian Chronicles from first page until last and I can’t wait until book two comes out!!


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