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The Daystar by Rene Lyons
The Templar Vampire Series, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal/Vampire Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-148-3
Reviewed by Gracie

Constantine Draegon, the Dragon, had led a hard and difficult life until the night he made a decision that would affect not only his current situation but his entire life forever.  After escaping a brutal childhood, Constantine joins the Templar Knights where he meets a group of men who will be a part of his eternal life. They are damned to an eternity of protecting the sacred relic, the Daystar, as vampires.  Constantine is jaded by his past and does not believe that true happiness exists.

Lexine Parker, Lex, is a kind, beautiful woman who has seen her fair share of pain and suffering.  She was raised by indifferent parents, her sister is a vampire, her brother was killed, and to top it all off she has a terrible rash that does not seem to get better… only worse.  Lex wants to find happiness and love and to feel like she belongs.

Lex has come to live with her sister Allie and her husband, which means she will also be sharing space with the other Templar vampires.  Lex is instantly embraced by the Templars and while she cares for them all… she is drawn to Constantine from the moment of their accidental meeting.  She does not think that he returns her feelings.  Constantine is totally attracted to Lex, but he knows she is far too good for someone like him. 

Lex’s mysterious rash just keeps getting worse and after seeking help from the local pharmacist she has to come clean to Allie and the Templars, especially when she is told that her rash looks like an infected tattoo… that she never got.  Constantine knows the moment that he sees the tattoo what it means… Lex is the Daystar, the one item that all vampires covet as it means they will be able to walk in the sunlight.  After much discussion and requests made to the Order of the Rose, a group of powerful female vampires, it is decided that Lex must go to England to be guarded until a ceremony can be performed to harness the power of the Daystar.  Constantine refuses to allow Lex to travel alone and goes with her.  Will Lex survive the ceremony and can Constantine overcome his past to find true happiness and love?

The Daystar was another amazing addition to Rene Lyon’s Templar vampire series.  Constantine grabbed my attention in Midnight Sun and I was dying to read his story.  Constantine is the epitome of the sexy tortured bad boy that has so much to offer if he can only overcome his past and I truly enjoyed watching him try to achieve this.  Lex is beautiful, kind, and innocent, but she knows that Constantine is the man for her and she is willing to go after him and convince him that he needs her.  I was instantly drawn into their story and watching the chemistry and feelings grow between them was a wonderful way to spend the evening.  In The Daystar, Rene Lyons has brought the readers another excellent read and I can hardly wait fore next Templar story!  Rene Lyons is one of my all time favorites!!


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