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Shadow Dance: A Novel

Shadow Dance by Julie Garwood
The Buchanans, Book 6
Ballantine Books
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 10: 0345453867
ISBN 13: 978-0345453860
Reviewed by Shannon

Jordan Buchanan has just realized that she is stuck in a rut.  She is at the wedding of her brother. Dylan. and her best friend. Kate MacKenna. when she makes a discoveryĺpartly due to the infuriating Noah Clayborne.  Noah claims that she is trapped in her comfort zone and the opportunity to prove him wrong has just coming knocking.

Professor MacKenna has crashed the wedding reception, claiming to have information about the ancestors of both the MacKennaís and the Buchanans as well as a missing treasure.  Jordan decides to visit the Professor in Serenity, Texas, in order to copy the records he has found and to find out more.  After one too many times of hearing about the despicable, underhanded and savage Buchanans, Jordan decides that she canít leave Serenity fast enough.

Unfortunately for Jordan, someone else has a different plan.  When she is framed and arrested for murder, Jordan knows that she needs help.  She calls her brother and his partner, Noah, and they immediately come to Serenity to find out what is really going on.  Noah decides to stay behind with her to protect her from any more harm.  Between escaping an unseen threat, discovering her feelings for Noah and uncovering the mystery of the treasure, Jordan has quite the challenge ahead of her.

I fell in love with the Buchanans from my first taste of them, and Julie Garwood has penned another incredible tale of this wonderful family in Shadow Dance.  Jordan is so realistically portrayed that I felt like I knew her.  Noah has made many appearances in the previous books with his undeniable charm and his fast-paced mind and I was waiting impatiently for his turn.  I admit that I didnít see this pairing coming, but reading about Jordan and Noah has convinced me that they belong together.  Shadow Dance is enriched with an incredible set of supporting characters and the appearance of all the Buchanans makes this a brilliantly fun read.  A breath-taking attraction, mysterious threat and altogether intriguing characters makes Shadow Dance an unforgettable novel.  I canít wait to see what is going to happen next.


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