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Kitten by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael
Phaze Books
Gay Paranormal
ISBN: 1-59426-499-6
Reviewed by Shannon

Shaun has been hiding for over two months after escaping from the training institute. He had always thought he was normal, until the day he changed into a rare white tiger were right before his eighteenth birthday.  Sold to the institute, Shaun has escaped and is determined to remain unclaimed by a human Master.  That is, until he is caught by Ashley.  Ashley isnít like other Masters.  It will be up to him to show Shaun all that he can beÖand all that they can be together.

Kitten is a heart-warming tale of discovery between a human Master and his were Sub.  Shaun is very confused about his new life, and Ashley is the perfect man to be able to teach him to trust and love.  Ashley has been hurt in the past, he lost someone that he loved, and only Shaun can heal his old wounds, inside and out.  I couldnít get enough of Kitten and I canít recommend it enough to anyone who loves a good werecat story, or a hot and sexy romance between two very appealing men.


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