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Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank
Nightwalkers Series, Book 1
Sensual Paranormal Romance
ISBN 0-8217-8065-4
Reviewed by Nannette

Jacob is the Enforcer of the Demon world.  Appointed by Noah, the Demon King, his job is to keep the Demons from succumbing to the madness that plagues them on the full moon.  The Demons are Nightwalkers.  Just as the Vampires and Lycanthropes do, Demon's thrive at night.  Mating between a human and a Demon is strictly forbidden.  Human magic-users known as necromancers have used their magic to summon Demons from the world, but none have done so in a long while.

Isabella Russ is an innocent and fairly quiet woman.  Lately Isabella has felt restless though.  While gazing at the moon from her window one night, as she frequently does lately, Isabella sees Jacob on the street.   After saving her from falling, Jacob and Isabella suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives. 

There is definitely something different about Isabella, Jacob's insatiable attraction to her is proof enough. While confined with Jacob and the other Demons, they all begin to learn about Isabella's part in their future and all the while the battle to save themselves, the Demons, and their newfound love rages around Jacob and Isabella. 

The Nightwalkers proves to be a spectacular new series with Jacob.   Each unique character is intriguing and the creative storyline is fascinating.  Jacob's nearly overwhelming desire to posses and protect Isabella is lovingly intense.  Isabella’s fire, passion, and innocence make her very endearing.  I am desperate to find out what happens to the other stars of this story.  Gideon's book cannot come quick enough for this reader!   In Jacob, every line, every page, and every chapter is simply mesmerizing!


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