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I Only Have Fangs For You

I Only Have Fangs For You by Kathy Love
Paranormal Romance/Comedy
ISBN: 0-7582-1135-X
Reviewer: Melissa

Sebastian loves being a single vampire.  What’s not to like?  He always looks young and women love him.  Sebastian even runs one of the hottest nightclubs, Carfax Abbey.  Mina Weiss is working at as a waitress at Carfax Abbey, only being a waitress is not Mina’s real job.  She and her organization are out to close Carfax Abbey in order to protect the unsuspecting human patrons.  When Sebastian finds out Mina’s true mission, he’s determined to convince her that he’s not a monster.  He offers her a challenge, he’ll refrain from biting anyone for a month if she’ll let him show her just how much fun it is to be a vampire.  Let the challenge begin!

I Only Have Fangs For You is more than a just a treat, it’s a complete four course meal!  Constantly the ladies man in his brothers’ books, Fangs For The Memories and Fangs But No Fangs, watching Sebastian finally meet his match was hilariously funny.  Kathy Love has a true gift for delivering sexy romance with a side of comedy that will keep me coming back again and again for another serving!


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