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Echoes from Heaven by Mackenzie McKade
Wild Winter Quickies
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Wild Winter / Quickie / Paranormal / Christmas
ISBN: 1-4199-0861-8
Reviewed by Jo

Celena, a Nimbus of Christmas (Christmas Angel), has been assigned what she thinks is an impossible assignment.  She has to make Lon Townsend love again before Christmas. 

Lon Townsend comes out of the shower to find a beautiful redhead in his bed.  She seems surprised with herself for some reason, but he is enjoying watching her.  Lon doesn’t believe Celena’s story about being a Christmas Angel sent to help him find his mate, but he knows that his best present this year has just been delivered to him and he plans on enjoying it.

 Celena knew this assignment would be hard, but she never imagined that she would want and burn for him herself.  Now Celena must try to fulfill her assignment, knowing she is facing her own heartbreak. 

Echoes from Heaven had me laughing and squirming from the first paragraph.  Celena has been sent to Earth to help Lon find his mate and true love again.  Celena fights with herself as she falls for Lon.  Lon knows what he needs is Celena, no matter what she thinks.  Ms. McKade has given readers a fantastic Christmas present in Lon and Celena’s story -- not only the passion, but the tender feelings push this tale over the top.  I know Echoes from Heaven is not only a must read, but a keeper that will become a true favorite.

Days after finishing Echoes from Heaven I found myself thinking about it still.  That, along with the truly wonderful story itself, makes it a Recommended Read for me. 


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