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Craving Candy by N.J. Walters
Awakening Desires, Book 4
Elloraís Cave
Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 1-4199-0883-9
Reviewed by Talia Ricci

Lucas Squires is often troubled.  Dreaming of his past, he craves the touch of the one woman who can make him forget who he is and what his life was like before becoming the owner of Coffee Breaks.  Alas, work is his salvation and after a tiring workout to force away the nightly dreams, Lucas heads to the shower and then to the grand opening of a new store.

Candy Loganís entire life revolves around work and schedules.  The product of an erratic childhood, she has a hard time relenting control for spur of the moment activities.  She has been trying for the past month to contact the elusive owner of Coffee Breaks to no avail.  Deciding to try and find him personally instead of through email and phone calls, she grabs the address of his new store location and heads that way never knowing that her scheduled and detailed life is about to change.

At the new Coffee Breaks opening, Lucas and Candy make eye contact and the result is almost combustible.  Neither knows who the other is, and that makes their coming together all the more beautiful.  That is, until they find out who each is and both have to come to grips with their feelings, tentatively trying to work on a relationship.  There is just one problem; neither trusts very easily and the one thing both are looking for just might be lost if they donít learn.

Craving Candy by N. J. Walters is the fourth book of her Awakening Desires series and it focuses on the Lucas, Katieís boss from book one.  Candy is the publicist hired to promote Lucas and his new cookbook.  Lucas wants no part of it, rightly so considering his past, but I loved how he slowly began to trust in Candy.  Candy.  What a tortured soul she seemed to be.   Everything she felt and wanted was tied into her past life and hurts and I just wanted to shake her at first and then hug her until she capitulated and realized that Lucas was the man for her.  Together, they made me blush and reach for a fan.


Craving Candy is poignant, sexy as all get out, and I am completly love with Lucas.  It is the perfect story for Lucas and N. J. Walters has another winner on her hands.  I have no choice but to proudly and joyfully recommend Craving Candy!


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