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Count To Ten

Count to Ten by Karen Rose
Romantic Suspense
Warner Books
ISBN: 0-446-61690-7
Reviewer: Melissa

Detective Mia Mitchell is just returning to work after being injured in the line of duty. This same incident left her partner seriously injured and out of commission, so Mia is less than thrilled when she discovers she is being temporarily partnered with Lieutenant Reed Solliday, an arson investigator.  But, it will take both of them to solve the latest rash of murder and arson, which seems to have no rhyme or reason.  However, Mia and Reed find themselves fighting the attraction between them just as hard as they are searching for the murderer.  Just when it seems that Mia and Reed may find their way to each other over the burden of their pasts, the murderer sets his sights on Mia.

Karen Rose is an author who knows how to write romantic suspense!  Count to Ten is loaded with moments that leave you in total confusion as to who the villain is and why he is so filled with rage.  In the midst of the suspense Ms. Rose never forgets the romance that keeps you turning page after page.  Filled with thrills, passion and emotion, Count to Ten is romantic suspense for the true romance lover!


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