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Blackmailed Into Bed by Heidi Betts
Silhouette Desire #1779
ISBN: 978-0-373-766779-3
Reviewer: Melissa

Chase Ramsey had never forgotten Elena Sanchez or the way she treated him when they were younger.  Now he has a chance for revenge.  Fate has made him the only person Elena can turn to in order to save her familyís business.  Before he will help, he presents Elena with an agreement that she canít refuse:  become his mistress and heíll save the business.  But an agreement that starts out for revenge turns into something deeper and more meaningful as Chase discovers that the woman he has in his arms isnít the same Elena he remembers.  When he realizes that his heart is at risk, will he take a chance on the new Elena, or run before he risks it all?

Blackmailed into Bed is one book that I will be reading again and again.  Chase and Elena passionately heat up the pages.  You can literally FEEL the emotions between them, leaving you unable to stop reading.  Heidi Betts once again proves that she is an author to watch, and definitely one whose books are a not-to-be-missed treat!


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