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A Lover's Dream by AlTonya Washington
The Ramsey, Book 1
Arabesque Romance/BET
African American Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1583147054
Reviewed by Nikita Steele

Well-known author, Michaela ĎMickí Sellers, finds herself on a flight to Seattle to meet with members of the Ramsey family because her best friend/publisher secretly sent a biography proposal (under Mickís name) to the Ramsey family.  Surprise! Surprise! Twins, Quest and Quaysar Ramsey agree to meet with Michaela to discuss the proposal in further detail.  However, upon arrival, Mick encounters resistance from the twins when she is told that some members of their family do not want the book to be written.  Although greatly disappointed about the biography deal gone sour, Mick could not resist the alluring charms of Quest Ramsey.  So, she agrees to remain in Seattle for awhile in order for them to explore their growing desire. 

When Mick uncovers a devastating Ramsey secret, it puts a huge wedge in her newly found relationship with Quest.  Now, Mick has to choose between maintaining her professional demeanor by investigating a secret that could possibly destroy the Ramsey family name or following her heartís desire.

A Loverís Dream is a sensational page-turner that has the right mixture of romance and suspense to keep you glued to your seat until the arrival of the cliffhanging conclusion.  A Loverís Dream is about love, heartache, misunderstandings and hurtful buried secrets.  Quest has done and will continue to do whatever it takes to protect his family name; which is why he refuses a book being published about their family history.  However, Quest did not count on falling head over heels in love with a woman who could demolish everything.  From their very first kiss, the passion quickly heats up between them and when they finally do come together in an intimate manner it is intensely sensual and vastly explosive!  The progression of the storyline is highly intriguing and will keep you hanging on until the very end of A Loverís Dream.  In fact it will have you begging for more.  With a great plot and well-written, passionate characters, AlTonya Washington has crafted a wonderful masterpiece that I am proud to bestow as a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read.  I canít wait until the next exciting, thrilling installment!


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