Wings by J.C. Owens

Loose Id

Fantasy M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-499-2

Reviewed by Lisa



For more generations than anyone can remember the people of Melan and the people of Nazar have been fighting each other.  Treaties never seem to last long before hostilities break out once more.  Yet again, diplomacy is being attempted.  The envoy from Nazar, Vanyae, and his men are meeting a group of Melanians, led by Commander Tanyan and his guard at a small border town in Melan territory to discuss another cease fire.

Anyar is honored to be chosen for duty as he has only recently been allowed to join the guard.  He idolizes his commander and mentor to the point of hero worship.  When Tanyan singles him out, Anyar is thrilled beyond belief.  Little does he know that his future is about to be irrevocably altered.

The summit, however, is a cover because the Nazarians have another goal in mind.  Vanyae and his men must pull off a daring treachery, sure to fuel the hatred of the Melanians.  His plans are altered slightly when he spies Anyar in the courtyard and later flying solo in the sky.  There is something about the young guard that calls to Vanyae; he must have Anyar, damn the consequences.  Vanyae will do his duty to his king, but Anyar will belong to him before all is said and done. No matter what.

Intrigue, excitement, and incredible sexual tension blend seamlessly together in Wings.  This isnít a whips and chains kind of story, but it is a strong, character driven D/s tale involving three fascinating Ďbirdí men.  There is some brutality, a little tenderness, and a whole lot of passion in Wings.  Once I started reading Wings, I couldnít put it down!  A harsh reality in an original setting with an erotic focus, Wings is something special for those who like to take a step on the wild side.  I Joyfully Recommend Wings, itís something else!


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